About SDA Assessors & Certifiers

SDA Assessors & Certifiers is a multidisciplinary company focusing on providing Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Assessment and Certification services to SDA Providers, architects, designers, developers and builders. We specialise in Specialist Disability Accommodation assessments and advice. We are the certifier of choice for one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) providers as well as a number of builders / developers providing SDA accommodation. Our focus on, and specialisation in, the SDA Design Standard requirements means that we are able to provide accurate and timely advice tailored to suit your needs.

SDA Assessors and Certifiers offers SDA Assessment and consulting services in all Australian states and territories and will work with your design team to ensure compliance with the SDA Design Standard is achieved.

Note that it is not the role of the SDA Assessor to provide advice regarding density requirements, eligibility for, or funding of SDA. Any queries related to these issues should be directed to NDIS.

SDA Assessors

Registered SDA Assessors provide SDA Assessment for Specialist Disability Accommodation to be Enrolled with the National Disability Insurance Scheme

SDA Assessors confirm plans meet the SDA Design Standards at Design Stage

SDA Assessors conduct as built inspections to confirm that completed SDA Property meet the SDA Design Guidelines

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SDA Certification

Certification in regards to SDA Property can mean:

Private Building Certifier providing Building Approvals for SDA Property; or

SDA Assessor Certifying that the SDA Property provides a Certificate for Enrolment

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SDA Consultants

SDA Consultants can provide consulting services to SDA Providers, NDIS Participants and Developers

SDA Design Guidelines are a minimum standard and properties often need to be built to exceed those standards

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SDA Assessors

SDA Assessors only provide assessment and certification for Specialist Disability Accommodation.

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Bundaberg SDA Assessor

SDA – It’s What We Do

Speciality Disability Accommodation


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SDA House Frame

Australia Wide SDA Assessors

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SDA house being Assessed

QLD SDA Certifiers

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SDA Assessment for SDA Dwelling Enrolment

Helping SDA Providers

SDA Assessors help SDA providers by completing SDA Assessments necessary to register their SDA Property with the National Disability Insurance Scheme